Get Data-Driven, Get Insights




Get Data-Driven,

Get Insights


Get Data-Driven,

Get Insights

At Gijzen Data Management & Analytics B.V. we’re continuously investing in the future of Data & AI, cloud solutions and improving the way you can get insights from data.

Our goal is not just a product or service...

We want you to be data-driven and fulfil your ambitions.

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Passionate about Data
Data is our passion and that's our core. Our services and products are centralised around data and enable a data-driven culture.
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Innovative minds
We are always searching for new and better ways to tackle problems. Our solutions are state of the art and future proof.
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Agile approach
The world is changing ever faster. No one knows what comes next. We take an agile approach to react fast on changes.
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We care about you
We're in this for the long run. Our strategy is not just a quick delivery of our products and service but about a long turn relationship.

About our customers

Our customers are SMB and enterprises in The Netherlands and global presence.

  • Revenue up to: 30 billion
  • More than 75k employees
  • Presence in over 150 countries

Modern Data Platform

Our solutions are always state of the art and are able to react to an ever changing world.

  • Agile
  • Fast
  • Governed

Microsoft Partner

Our partnership with Microsoft enables us to be on top of new technology and have quick support when needed.

  • Inside info
  • Reseller
  • Support

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We enable data-driven ambitions

Let us help you to design and implement the technology for a data-driven approach for your business.

We are specialised in Data & AI. If you let us help you, we combine our forces and work on your data-driven ambitions.

We can guide you through this journey starting with the fundamentals. Work on the correct mindset and deliver the technology so that you can get insights from your data.

Reports and dashboards are not the end of this journey but only the beginning. Take advantage of your data and start to predict and prescribe actions for your business based on knowledge. Use AI to automate tasks and improve your processes.

If you let us help you, we will become partners and we will make sure you improve your business.

Get Data-Driven, get Insights.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Get in touch, Get Data-Driven, Get Insights.



Our expertises vary from specific tasks till the delivery of complete solutions

Our Expertise

We offer a wide variety of expertises to support companies with a data-driven approach or those who are just starting this journey. Whether your question is very specific or you’re searching for an end-2-end partner, we can assist.


Our service vary from specific consultancy to fully managed data platforms as a service


We deliver our expertise in several different forms. Whether you are searching for a a help with a specific questions or want to out source your data platform. We can help. As a Microsoft partner we can function as your reseller and are also able to set up your Azure environment from scratch.